"What can I say - one word, Nicksic, for the most creative, effective and outrageous direct mail copy you could ever hope to put in the mail. I worked with John many times over the years and he consistently provided winning creative packages for me and the businesses I managed. He was never afraid to push the envelope - literally - and doing so often resulted in improved ROI for our direct mail campaigns."

Kathy Bennett,
Hired John more than once

"John is one of those "creative savants" who can take almost any product or service and find the most effective way to communicate the value to potential buyers/users. I have worked with John on many different projects from membership marketing to commodity type products and he has beaten the control many times. I always find him fun to work with - he is incredibly smart, funny and he has no fear. I would recommend John to anyone to overcome a creative “sticking point” as well as to anyone who has a new service or product and they don’t know where to begin."

Ken Hurd,
Hired John more than once

"Writing about John Nicksic may be on par with being asked to wax eloquent about a Pit Bull -- that wins Best in Show -- over and over again. And hiring John Nicksic may not be for the thin skinned or weak at heart. But those that can handle the heat in the kitchen may be rewarded with one of those "breakthrough" winners that all marketers lust for -- and that Mr. Nicksic is so famous for. Mr. Nicksic's style, which he likens to a "mugging" may be more akin to the Coaster's old '60s song about Little Egypt: the drums are pounding and a carnival barker begins the sale with "Step right up folks and see Little Egypt do her famous dance of the pyramids. She walks. She talks. She crawls on her belly like a reptile. Just one thin dime -- one tenth of a dollar. Step right up folks ..." and of course, you're seduced into wanting more. You pay your "one thin dime" for Little Egypt's cancer insurance or her new credit card with 0% financing for 12 full months or her travel guide. So do many of the other folks hearing the call to action. And, voila, you have another Nicksic winner on your hands. I've had the pleasure, fortitude and luck(?) to have designed quite a few of those winners and know firsthand that many of those thick-skinned and strong-of-heart marketing pros that have wandered into John Nicksic's kitchen have been rewarded over and over again."

Robert George, Owner and designer, Direct Design
worked directly with John on numerous occasions

"John is a premiere direct mail copywriter. He understands how to connect with the customer and always has new ideas."

Cindy Halley,
Hired John more than once

"John is by far the best direct response writer I've ever worked with. His copy is to the point and works."

John Content, VP Sales / Marketing, Banner Printing
Worked with John many times

"In these challenging times, getting the necessary attention for critically important information leads one to John Nicksic and his professional marketing services. John's presentation of so many cutting edge products, including medical and nutritional, captures the attention of a diverse audience through direct mail. His writing is such that it does not get tossed, it gets saved to read over, because it accomplishes the goal to make think you twice and explore further. Capture the interest of your audience and you have their business!"

Robin Falkov, Physician,
Was with another company when working with John

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