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25% Discount on Your First Assignment


To "break the ice" with you through a first assignment I give a special incentive - a 25% discount on the first job. This removes a lot of your risk and gives you an opportunity to work with me on a special basis.

Flat Rate

My flat rate for copy is negotiable, depending on the nature of the job, time constraints and whether or not they are part of a larger, multi-piece assignment. Art costs are separate and cannot be estimated until the first draft is written. I prefer to use my own group of professional direct mail artists, but if you have a graphics resource you'd like to use, I will consider them.

Spec Rate

If you are a large company with a long-standing control, I will write a package to beat it with no copy cost to you. You will drop an agreed-upon test quantity. And if, for any reason at all, you choose to use the package past the test, you will pay a higher than normal rate. If you don’t use it past the test, you pay me nothing. This is a good deal for you because I take the entrepreneurial risk and you only pay for a proven winner.

Multiple Package Rate

If you assign me 2 or more packages to work on all at once, as one large project, the total price will include a substantial volume discount.

Billing, Conversion, or Renewal Series Rate

As with solo packages, billing, conversion, and renewal series rates are negotiable. I will also do a "spec" series which you only pay for if you use it.


I bill on first draft and payment will be made within 30 days. You will get any rewrites needed. I bill on first draft because it takes large companies six months to make instant coffee. If, for any reason, you reject my copy on a non-spec package, and do not want to continue, you will pay a 50% kill fee and that ends it. I will gladly sign any reasonable working agreement you require. Total confidentiality is guaranteed until you mail my package. After that I will freely discuss the work, but keep confidential any proprietary corporate material. I have the right to use your package as a sample displaying my work.

Tradeout or Other Consideration

I will consider tradeout or other consideration in lieu of cash for all or part of my fees.

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